Gig Workers and Mental Health

DDI: Gig Workers and Mental Health

During such uncertain times, it is more important than ever to take care of our mental health. This holds even more weight for people working in the gig economy… Read More

4 Tips to Retain Gig Economy Workers

Having a consistent, reliable, independent contractor workforce saves businesses time and money. As experts in the gig economy and independent contractor management, read more for our list of 4 tips for independent contractor retention. Read More

Independent Contractor Tax Tips

For most independent contractors in the gig economy, doing taxes can become complicated. Delivery Drivers, Inc. would like to share resources to help you get your independent contractor taxes done right.Read More

Be Your Own Boss

DDI - Be Your Own Boss!

Delivery Drivers Inc. strives to support and encourage an entrepreneurial spirit in our driver-partners. We offer a Driver Entrepreneur Program that reduces costs for drivers and directly impacts your bottom line. Ready to get in the driver’s seat and be your own boss? Read More

Committed to California Courier Delivery Services

Delivery Drivers Inc. believes in supporting the rights and high quality working environments for drivers by offering occupational accident insurance, utilizing recurring background checks, and maintaining a zero-tolerance for alcohol and drug offenses. If your business utilizes independent contractors, learn more about how DDI gives you peace of mind in the regulatory landscape…Read More

3 Ways Red Tape Hinders Your Company’s Growth

“It would be a lot harder to start my business today; there is more Red Tape than ever.” -Aaron Hageman, Owner of Delivery Drivers, Inc.   What is Red Tape? By definition*, Red Tape is excessive formality and routine required before official action can be taken. In business terms, Red Tape has an extremely negative connotation in regards to rules … Read More

Walmart partners with Uber and Lyft for grocery deliveries

In a fierce attempt to step up competition with Amazon’s burgeoning grocery-delivery service, Walmart this week announced they will be testing grocery-delivery services with both Uber and Lyft. The retailer will start trying out Uber in Phoenix and Lyft in Denver within the next two weeks, and hopes to establish some kind of permanent system for expanding their business and marketing … Read More

Domino’s delivery driver saves man’s life

Domino’s employees at the Salem, Oregon operation ended up saving a regular customer’s life last week. Kirk Alexander, a middle-aged man who orders from the Domino’s Salem location three to four times a week, hadn’t phoned the operators in over 11 days. Sarah Fuller, the General Manager, knew there was something wrong. She sent deliverer Tracey Hamblen to Alexander’s residence. … Read More

New York’s Vinnie’s Pizzeria Unveils Pizza Box Made Out of Pizza

Just when you thought Brooklyn couldn’t be any more obsessed with pizza… think again. Last week, Vinnie’s Pizzeria unveiled a pizza box made entirely out of pizza. Inside the pizza box is, you guessed it, also a pizza. Officially called the “pizza box pizza,” the Pizzeria claims their ingenious packaging invention will reduce leftover waste, and leave consumers happier, and fuller, than … Read More

Food Panda to use drones for food delivery

Food Panda, the world’s largest online delivery platform, this past week announced they will be turning their attention to employing drones for food delivery. Hoping to cut down their delivery time to just 20 minutes, the company will have to navigate complicated rollout and further testing of the regulatory issues before drones become a reality.