More Than Independent Contractor Management

Thought Leadership to Support In-House Delivery Networks

Creating an in-house delivery program is complicated, but you don’t have to do it alone. 

DDI is the leading third-party administrator that brings more to the table than our all-in-one independent contractor management services.  We offer thought leadership to businesses that need help standing up their own delivery networks.  

Prioritizing Channel Partners

In an effort to better serve businesses trying to bring delivery in-house, we are prioritizing channel partnerships with industry leaders.  We have partnerships with companies that can facilitate various aspects of in-house delivery including safeguarding  against price increases from outsourced delivery partners and on-demand delivery management software to help streamline deliveries. DDI wants to be your end-to-end solution for your delivery operations. 

Then, DDI comes in to recruit, onboard, and retain the independent contractors to facilitate your delivery network.  Our 25 years of experience in the industry means we can help scale your delivery network nationwide and meet your velocity needs.

More Than 1099 Workforce Management

But DDI is more than just recruiting and onboarding.  Our all-in-one last mile labor solution also includes all independent contractor accounting needs including 1099 payroll, 1099 taxes, and customer service.  Additionally, the regulatory compliance and expertise DDI brings to support labor solutions for your self-delivery network is unparalleled.  From insurance, 1099 compliance, and legal support, DDI’s risk management services are essential to businesses operating with independent contractors.

Drivers First

Furthermore, DDI values Drivers First and spends a tremendous amount of time and resources to improve the 1099 HR experience for independent contractors.  We pride ourselves on offering perks and resources including injury insurance solutions, same-day pay solutions, and more to driver-partners that help them build their own businesses while partnering with yours. 

Delivery Drivers, Inc. is more than independent contractor management.  Contact us today to learn how we offer thought leadership to businesses to support in-house delivery networks.

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