DDI’s Top 4 Take-Aways from CLDA Final Mile Forum & Expo

At DDI, we make it our mission to serve, provide advocacy and leadership to businesses and independent contractors in the global gig economy. While attending the CLDA Final Mile Forum & Expo, we compiled a list of our top 4 take-aways. Read them below and how DDI can help streamline your business!


 1) Driver Shortage

Many companies are facing issues with a driver shortage. Not DDI. It was our mission to onboard 140,000 independent contractors this year. As of July, we successfully recruited and onboarded over +80,000 independent contractors since January 2021. How? With our 24/7 recruiting technology, we can (on average) recruit and onboard 5,000 new driver-partners in one week. In addition, we can recruit and onboard in 300 locations in one week. Moreover, it takes 1.7 days (on average) to onboard each driver-partner.

Learn more about how DDI can help resolve your driver shortage!


2) Motor Vehicle & Background Checks

At DDI, we use innovative solutions and take a tech first approach to contractor management services. As a result of our partnership with Checkr, motor vehicle reports and background checks are done faster with their AI-powered technology platform. Read about our 600% growth for background checks and more!


3) API / Dispatch Integration

We’re always looking for ways to improve processes and create a seamless experience for our clients and driver-partners. Subsequently, DDI connected with top dispatch companies at the CLDA to integrate into our proprietary platform. As a result, we’re excited to create innovative integration touch points to ensure driver submission and reporting are even more seamless.

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4) Driver Advocacy Matters

At DDI, we value our driver-partners. That’s why we offer a Driver Perks Program. The program provides financial and personal incentives to bring added value to our driver-partners.


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