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Self-Service Options Are Available

Using the instructions below, you can retrieve your proof of income, which is needed to secure benefits. For more information, view our FAQs.

  1. Log into your Driver Profile from here: Click this LOGIN PAGE

  2. Locate the ‘Year-to-date statement’ button near your deposit summaries. 

  3. You will be directed to your profit/loss statement where you can take a screenshot or save the page. This page is what should be uploaded as proof of unemployment.



Did I lose enough income to qualify for unemployment? How do I quantify ample work? 
If you lost a percent of work that you normally have there will be a question regarding this on the unemployment application. You can put the percent of work lost in your application. 

Can I receive unemployment if I quit?
No, you will be ineligible if you quit your job while there was work to be had. 

I forgot my username and password. How do I reset?
Your username is your email address you use with DDI. Passwords can be reset by using the ‘forgot password’ button. 

California Residents Only: Is federal unemployment different from the EDD unemployment? 
Yes it is different. You don’t qualify for EDD unemployment. You do qualify for federal unemployment. But you have to file through the EDD. You are paid through the EDD. But the federal government is reimbursing EDD.