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Walmart Spark Delivery

We’re excited to announce that Delivery Drivers, Inc. (DDI) will be the administrator of driver management for the Walmart Spark Delivery Platform, Walmart’s new pilot delivery platform.

Spark Platform is a crowd-sourced delivery platform. The platform uses Walmart’s in-house system providing drivers with Grocery Delivery order details, step-by-step navigation instruction, and more. As administrator, DDI is responsible for managing recruiting, screening and background checks, payment, and accounting, among other services for drivers.

In the Spark Platform, drivers are paid by the delivery. Drivers can sign up for the windows of time that work best for their schedule. They also have access to helpful services and information including assistance in understanding order flow. Furthermore, drivers have access to exclusive driver discounts that helps drivers establish their own small business.

The Spark Platform pilot is currently beginning in Nashville and New Orleans. Similarly, there are plans to roll out to additional metro areas this year.

“It is important to us at DDI that we help each independent driver run their transportation business correctly. We are excited to partner with Walmart to allow them to focus on providing great products while we can build and support a professional driver network to focus on the delivery side of the business.” – Aaron Hageman, CEO of Delivery Drivers, Inc.

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