Why Choose DDI

Go Green, Save Green Incentive – Switch to DDI & Save on Admin Fees

The #1 Independent Contractor Management Solution

DDI provides businesses with the most comprehensive independent contractor management services.  Our competitors can’t say the same.  Here is what our competitors are doing and how we’re doing it better.

independent contractor management solution

What You Get with DDI:

  • At DDI, you pay just one fee. No separate fees for services such as screening, insurance, and settlement costs.
  • DDI does recruiting in house, not through a third party like our competitors do.
  • DDI handles all backend onboarding and auditing. No need to manually audit IC documents.
  • Unlike other third party administrators, DDI engages with ICs throughout the onboarding process and follows up to confirm paperwork. You don’t have to worry about confirming your ICs’ paperwork.
  • DDI is integrated with a screening partner to provide instant MVRs and background checks. ICs don’t have to provide and upload their own. 

Go Green, Save Green Incentive – Switch to DDI & Save on Admin Fees

Why choose DDI? Independent contractor management is our specialty. Let DDI do the heavy lifting while you enjoy the benefits of a 1099 workforce. In addition to providing superior service than our competitors, DDI is also offering our Go Green, Save Green incentive. New clients who switch to DDI before June 30, 2022, will get 50% off their first two weeks of admin fees!

All new clients must sign a standard, twelve-month contract with DDI to receive the admin fee discount. Admin fees refers to weekly charges paid by the client. Complete the form below and an account representative will contact you.

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