Retail Delivery Service

Retail Delivery Service

Retail is the backbone of our country’s economy and many are in need of a delivery solution.  Products are sold, packaged, shipped, and delivered by people for people.  What better way to have your items delivered then by hiring independent contractors who partner with you. 

By partnering with Delivery Drivers, Inc. (DDI), we can help you with onboarding, accounting and risk management to ensure all aspects of your delivery business are being covered - giving you the time and peace of mind to focus on the bigger picture for your business. 

DDI Provides Independent Delivery Driver Management For Retail

Some of the ways that DDI can help you and your team of independent contractor delivery drivers are:


Our Mission

Retail businesses support job and economic growth here in the US, and DDI supports retail businesses.  Relieve yourself of the frustration and worry over state and federal laws that govern working with independent contractor delivery drivers and allow DDI to help make your business more streamlined than ever before.

Call us today at (888) DDI-WORK to learn more about how your business will be positively impacted by our unique and tailored solutions.