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restaurant delivery service

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In COVID-19 times, restaurants are no longer allowed to serve dine in customers and are facing some tough decisions. Restaurants that didn’t previously offer delivery services prior to COVID19 are having to consider offering delivery services to their customers. With so many restaurant delivery service options available, how does a business decide what delivery service is best for them?  We compiled a list of key ideas to consider when choosing a restaurant delivery service.


Different delivery services vary in how they charge for their services. This can look like delivery fees, service fees, merchant fees, small cart/minimum order fees, and markups of menu-item list prices. Search for consistency and transparency in pricing to ensure your business can maintain stable margins. 


It’s critical that you trust your restaurant delivery service to represent your restaurant well because they’re an extension of your brand. Consider the following questions: Do you trust the drivers?  Does the delivery service have a vetting process for hiring drivers? What does that vetting process look like? Additionally, do the terms and conditions of your contract with a restaurant delivery service support consistent pricing or are you subject to unforeseen increases?

Customer Service 

Customer service is essential in a restaurant and should also extend to a restaurant delivery service. How personalized is the customer service?  For instance, does the delivery service provide your restaurant with a local customer service rep as the liaison between your restaurant? Do your customers have someone they can call and talk to regarding deliveries?   Additionally, do drivers receive any training regarding customer service?


Not all delivery services are offered in all locations. An easy way to start looking for a delivery service is to narrow down the services available in your area.


Are drivers for the delivery service prompt and on-time when picking up orders? Are customers happy with the service? 

Despite the current global pandemic, restaurant delivery services have been steadily increasing in popularity over the last few years. Whether you’re considering a restaurant delivery service because of the current situation or not, the rise in use of delivery services is indisputable. As the world continues to demand instant gratification (one day shipping, entire television seasons available simultaneously, two hour grocery delivery, etc.) more and more restaurants are considering the use of delivery services. Delivery Drivers, Inc partners with hundreds of delivery services and is proud to recommend delivery and courier services in your area. Whether you’re looking for a partner with a reach across the US, or a local delivery business, Contact us today to see how we can help find you the perfect delivery service.

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